At PayFar, we put people at the center of everything we do.
PayFar is an innovative payment company based in Australia that covers both international money transfers and in-store payments, it is using blockchain to ensure security and safety and trustability of the transfers. PayFar is focused on making micropayments as well as bank transfers more affordable than traditional banks by charging low and transparent transfer fees and converting money at the true mid-market exchange rate.
In other words, there’s near zero markup on the exchange rate. PayFar is always aiming to beat the Transfer Rates of the traditional banks and make it faster and more effective experience for customers to send money across the globe. In Australia, Payfar Pty Ltd is a registered and enrolled reporting entity with Austrac and complies with latest regulatory rules about AML and KYC.
PayFar services and coverage PayFar currently supports sending money to 21 countries and sending money from 12 countries. The company covers 100+ routes (country combinations) across 17 currencies, and they are also one of the few companies offering the true mid-market rate. Most currencies supported by PayFar offer one option: a bank transfer from one bank to another. For some currencies, you can pay with debit and credit cards or use a EFT transfer option. Apple Pay or Android Pay is also available for certain currencies in certain countries.